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Get To Know The Other

In order to truly know Israeli society, we have to get out of the familiar world and meet those who are different from us. We promote a tolerant and respectful society through a meaningful acquaintance between all groups and tribes in society. Hinam travels take you to live the lives of others - to know them at home, in their community. Share their world.


Want to Join?

Center tracks are suitable for every age and stage of life. You can book an annual trip to the high school, join the mixed national service nucleus, take a swing course, take one of the courses in academia, or travel into Israeli society - for young people, employees or families. A few days, a few months, a day in the community or a whole year of journey - we match the length of the journey and the identity of the communities you will be in. Come to know the truly Israeli company - sign up to Hinam Center tracks.

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