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Kamil Shanan Metrowest Achi Yisraeli

Our flagship program is a unique enterprise offering an in-depth and direct journey into the varied realms of the Israeli society.

A diverse group of young men and women in their early twenties travel as a group for several months, staying for periods of a week or two in different locations:

  • The Arab village Dir el Assad in the Galilee

  • The Jewish settlement of Ofra

  • The Haredi community in ancient Safed (Tzfat)

  • A neighborhood of Ethiopian immigrants in Kiryat Moshe, Rehovot

In each location the participants will experience learning and experiential activities connected to identity and society, volunteering, etc., but most of all they will learn this through constructed activities, joint social events, meetings with key figures in the community, etc.

The program has received the blessing of the President of the State of Israel.

Shir Shafran

Secular, 23 years old, from Tel Aviv. Recently completed an agricultural work project for demobilized soldiers currently living in Kibbutz Hulit in the Gaza vicinity

All my life I grew up in cities, in well-established areas and with good education. I spent my elementary years in London with the family, we lived there for 5 years, and when I returned to Israel I entered a gifted class in Tel Aviv. About a week ago I heard about the new project "Achi Israeli" and at that moment I knew that I wanted to be part of it.

Galia Globerman

A 20-year-old secular woman immigrated to Israel from Costa Rica alone to enlist in the IDF. Was released a few days before the project began

I am currently completing my military service and am excited about joining the "Achi Israeli" project. I do not know what to answer them, I still do not have all the answers and I am open to changes and adventures.

Nasreen Abu Asali

Druze, 21 years old, from the Druze village of Beit Jann. A medical student from Ben Gurion University who is in a break from her studies

Adam Milvoir

A 23-year-old secular resident of Ramat Aviv and a graduate of the secular yeshiva BINH, one of the initiators of the project

I served in the army as a paratrooper and as a commander in a course for squad commanders. When I joined the army it was the first time I encountered people who שרק differed from me. I noticed that I was being severely judged because I am from Ramat Aviv, and that I judge others. I decided that before I flew to South America or India, I would try to get to know the person who lives here in Israel. For a year I moved between projects in Israel.

Rani Awad

A 19-year-old Muslim from the village of Mazra'a. Completed high school studies in the village of Sheikh Danon. Was a counselor in Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed and began national service as part of the project

My father is an architect and he is the director of the engineering department in the local council of Deir al-Asad and my mother is assistant to a dentist, and I was a youth working as a "young instructor" and now I started a national service in the Deir al-Assad community center.

Tchia Maslis

Orthodox, 24 years old, from Carmei Tzur in Gush Etzion. She graduated from the National Service and studied graphic design at Sapir College

I decided to join Achi Israeli project because I want to meet my Israeli brothers beyond the screen and television. A deep familiarity between us, and if you do not come closer, at least you will reduce hatred. Because only through deep familiarity can we create change. Maybe I will change, maybe you will change, maybe the concept of love will change, maybe one day, we will live in a world where everything is simple, even to love people.

Alan Morrison

Secular, a 30-year-old New York native born in Cleveland and studied music in New York. He immigrated to Israel alone a year and a half ago and joined the Jewish Agency's "Give" project in Harduf

A year and a half ago I made aliyah. I participated in a project of the Jewish Agency in Harduf. After the program I stayed in Harduf and worked in the Bedouin village as a coward in the factory. At the same time I studied Hebrew in an ulpan in Haifa. I love the Land of Israel and want to know the Israelis.

Hadar Leiman

Orthodox, 18 years old from Jerusalem. A graduate of the Pelech High School, a feminist religious seminary. Recently completed the Elul program of Midreshet Maarava

I studied at the high school for girls and then I did the Elul program of Midreshet Maarava. In April I enlist in the army. I joined an Israeli brother project because it was important for me to take the time and get to know the society around me and learn about it and from it. Achi Israeli project seems to me an important opportunity to give me tools for life. Success for all of us!

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