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Journeys for Senior Position Holders

Employees at the Prime Minister’s Officer, State Attorney’s Office and groups of other senior position holders participate in in-depth journeys into the Israeli society, as part of the Hinam Center’s programs. The importance of direct meetings between members of the public, business or nonprofit sectors and various tribes is double – it enriches the world of the participants and exposes them to managerial dilemmas and ways of coping with society’s complexities, as well as giving them a different perspective on the society than the one they get within their professional realm – legal, security or other.

The Journeys for Senior Position Holders is divided into two parts: a two-day mid-week stay in Dir el Assad in the Galilee and a three-day journey to two communities – an Ethiopian neighborhood in Kiryat Moshe, Rehovot and a Haredi community.

Senior position holders and their employees who wish to become more acquainted with their colleagues are invited to join the Hinam journeys and we will adapt a program to their needs.

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