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The Wandering Mechina – Journey to the Israeli Society

Together with Binah, the Hinam Center has established a pre-military program (Mechina) that involves studies, social activities and an in-depth acquaintance with various communities in the Israeli society.

What is unique about our Mechina?

  1. The Mechina is heterogeneous in terms of its participants and their identities – religious, secular, Arab, Haredi, Ethiopians, settlers, etc.

  2. Group participants wander between various communities in the Israeli society, that represent its diverse cultures, spending several weeks at a time in an Arab village, a secular kibbutz, religious settlement, Haredi community and others.

In January 2019 the Hinam Center will launch the Abu Ghosh Midrasha – where high school graduates before their IDF service, together with former servicemen, study together. See additional information on the Midrasha and Mechina program on the project page of the Abu Ghosh Center for Tolerance.

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